Make your truck unique with high quality accessories

Even in this difficult time marked by Pandemic I transport of primary goods (and not only) they are guaranteed daily by hauliers who travel on Italian and European roads without stopping.

For those who do this job the truck represents more than a means of transportation, as this is seen as a second home and accordingly every detail is taken care of in detail to make the aesthetics of the truck more pleasant and to make the cabin as comfortable as possible. To do so at this time you can focus on Italian companies, buying quality products and helping the country's economy which, as is known, in this period suffers from the consequences of the pandemic.

In this regard, Truckdanet offers numerous solutions, for any need and preference. SCANIA, VOLVO, DAF, man, IVECO, RENAULT and MERCEDES are just some of the brands that treat ed each accessory is made with the best raw materials completely in Italy.

For example, the lower mask for the DAF profile for the modelf F 105 it is made of INO acciaio 1 mm thick steel, it is polished and is laser cut, a detail that gives this piece an absolute cutting precision.  We also talk about an accessory that can be assembled easily and quickly. Composed of 23 pieces and equipped with bi-adhesive for fixing, this mask is ideal to make the profile of your truck unique.

Do not miss the brackets for the CB antennas, the handle covers, the inserts under glass, the profiles for the inner platform, the side inserts, the pillars for the door, the pillars for the fenders, the vintage lettering, the covers for the air filters, the frames for the headlights, the inserts for the rear cabin, the Universal decorations and many other accessories that can give your truck a unique look.

Not only, Truckdanet also offers t-shirts, backpacks, ceramic mugs, sweatshirts and other similar accessories, ideal for those who want to have everything you need available on their truck. In addition, these objects are personalized with a refined design that is perfect for those who want to stand out.

Basically, it doesn't matter what part of your truck you want to customize or change, thanks to Truckdanet you can find what you need in one place, at the best price and the highest quality. In addition, on the site you can also find a section where there are a number of universal parts available, which are easy to adapt to any brand of truck.

Weatherproof, aesthetically beautiful and ideal for customizing your truck yourself without having to turn to external people, the accessories proposed by Truckdanet are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to make their truck welcoming, complete and keep it always taken care of in every detail.

In addition by choosing to buy from Truckdanet you buy Italian products, of a company operating in Italy and consequently it favors the national economy at a time when businesses need all of us.

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