How to make a Return



Here are the 4 simple steps to follow to make your RETURN to be done within 14 days of receipt of the package.

1. Fill in and sign the Return Form and enter it in the package that you need to return (in case you can not download the form you can request it by sending an email to ).

Remember to return the package intact and with all the packaging received (ie not only with themanufacturer’s packaging). The package must be tightly closed.

2. Send us an email saying that you will return the product (or products) indicating your name, surname and packing list number (the number on the accompanying document you found inside the package .

3. If you live in ITALY we will send the courier to you to collect the package and our customer service will notify you.

If you reside in Europe or in other countries outside the European market, you can send via your courier or by mail to the address of our Warehouse / Logistics that you will find on the return form. The cost of return shipping will obviously be at your expense.

4. As soon as we have received and verified your return we will refund the total amount paid by you.

We remind you that a justified RETURNfrom ITALY is always FREE.


If you live in Europe and you have to return a product you will not have to attach any additional documents besides the Return Form that you have to fill in and sign.

For any doubts, problems or special needs, we always recommend that you write an email to this email address .


How can I contact the courier to collect my package?

If you live in ITALY, in the e-mail that you receive following your Return request, you will find the link to book the collection on the BARTOLINI courier website or another courier indicated by us.

Can I return multiple items at the same time but with different return methods?

Absolutely! The articles are requested to be returned in the same package and in one shipment; each article will be managed individually and the return procedure will be completed in the mode you requested for each of them.

If instead of asking for a refund in MONEY and I ask for reimbursement through COUPON how do I receive my voucher and how can I use it? 

You will receive an email with a COUPON for the same amount of the payment you made for the purchase of the returned product; you can use your voucher for the purchase of any item on our site: just enter the code of your coupon in the dedicated area in the "cart". The coupon is valid for one year and can be spent in a single purchase.

How do I pack my package to prevent products from being damaged during shipping?

Insert the items inside a well-sealed box. Do not use the original packaging of the manufacturer, because we can not accept your returnin cases of damage to the product during shipment. You can easily pack your products using the envelope or box with which we sent you the items, or any other cardboard box of the size useful to contain the product to be returned.

Can I return an item even if I live abroad?

Yes. If you live abroad and want to make a return, just send an e-mail to and you will be told how to return.

​​​​​​​We remind you that in Italy, the return is always FREE, in EUROPE you will be subject to a cost that will be specified at the time, depending on the country in which you reside.

Do I have to pay any expenses for sending the package with the items to be returned?

Absolutely not ! In ITALY,the entire return procedure is COMLETELY FREE for you.


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